Input Level on Rack/Head

  • Is there a way to set input gain for the head/rack to avoid digital clipping? I'm sorry if this is obvious (I couldn't find it).

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    @robotexplorer Please try to use the Gain knob (Preamp Gain ) or the Tube Stages/Distortion sections to see how it goes. Feel free to PM.

  • @felix Thanks for the reply. I'm not talking about the gain/tube stage distortion. What it sounds like is digital clipping due to a high level line input. I don't have this problem on the bias 2 desktop version as I can just adjust the line in level. (Same amp settings)

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    @robotexplorer Thanks for the update. Actually there's no way to set the Input gain through the Head/Rack. Are you using a humbucker pickup? Is that possible to eliminate the digital clipping by turning down the guitar input volume?

  • @Felix Yes, I'm using high output active humbuckers. Its not very apperant during heavy distortion rythm or lead sections especially if I use a cab.
    But it becomes very apperant during clean guitar sections when using an frfr monitor or headphones.
    Yes it goes away when I turn my guitar down.

    It would be nice if the iOS or Desktop app had the line level slider available while the rack is connected.

  • @robotexplorer
    Did you find a solution to your problem?
    I experience the same kind of strange noise in the sound sometime...


  • @serge-cattoul sorry I have not found a solution.

  • @robotexplorer If you use a DI with a pad, does that help? (or the pad on the input of your interface)

  • @danbieranowski Thanks for the reply, I use a DI box to interface with my bias amp 2 PC software and it sounds awesome with or without pad since I can directly control the input level on the DI box and in the bias amp software.

    The issue i have is with the standalone bias rack unit. Yes I could put a DI box in font of my bias rack and then take the analog output of the DI box into the rack, that would let me pad the input volume. But at that point I might as well just take my laptop to my gigs and sell the rack. I'm just disappointed that this $1299 piece of hardware doesn't have a way to control input level saturation of it's digital preamps, seems like a basic feature.

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    WOW, its way harder to find a 1/4" inline pad nowdays than I had thought! I wouldn't use a DI for this, just a pad, no real convenient way to do it, it should be inside the unit, but maybe a 90 degree male 1/4" to the pad to straight female 1/4" wouldn't be too bad.

    A lot of the first generations Focusrite interfaces, Neve Porticos and others needed pads like this with hotter (not even THAT hot) guitar pickups

  • I would have to agree with danbieranowski, there should be some sort of pad or HI Z input monitoring, instead of putting a DI in front of the unit, kinda defeats the purpose, and frankly it is quite important.

    Even the old 11R has a nice HI Z input that you can change the input or leave it on auto.

    I am having a rack unit delivered tomorrow and if I do not see the HI Z monitoring by tomorrow it is going

    I say it should not be that difficult since it is programming, but I could be
    If the Hi Z is not being monitored then issues like what is mentioned are going to continue to happen.

    P.S: I'm sorry but turning down the volume on any guitar is not a proper solution, not to be a D____, but it is important to have the right interaction between the guitar and the BIAS rack and head units.

  • would this not be a fairly easy software fix to add the input slider on the the amp models since we already have it on the software? Could even be assignable to the custom knob?

  • I think it is a little bit more than just an input slider or gain control, but who knows it might work. The input would have to compensate for HI Z, and then parameters mimicking some sort of pad as to control the input properly.

    You hear people say, well this one feels good, this one feels shitty compared to real amps, and that is important when using these products.

    I have run across the same issue, were it sounds like digital clipping because of hotter pickups and seems like there is no way to control that. Or having weak pickup so you can do the opposite, up the gain a little to get better articulation and better sound.

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    A lot of these things are fixed, which on one hand is a nightmare, as it will be optimized for exactly one pickup range and too noisy for half of the rest and distorted on the other half. On the other hand, you don't have to tape your knob down. A switchable range is a decent compromise I think.

  • No player plays with the same picking intensity thus ensuring that the input line level doesn't clip is critical.
    This is why most modelers ask you to "play as hard as you can" while setting up the input level.
    The recommendation to just turn down my guitar is not acceptable.
    The thing that sold me on bias amp was how well the amp models responded to picking dynamics. Digging into the string would give me a realistic overdriven sound vs playing softly. Dialing in this sweet spot is no problem on the s/w.

  • @robotexplorer Exactly... Picking dynamics and pickup output is critical to how the unit works.

    That was the thing that sold me on the bias amp as well, the sound and dynamics was pretty good.

    But yeah, turning down your guitar volume, umm is not a solution, guitar players use the volume knob to get certain dynamics, a cleaner tone, and what have you.