Controlling program without midi support - via midi protocole

  • Controlling program without midi support via midi protocole
    A couple of years ago, I wrote already to your support service about this idea
     And did not know / did not notice this forum.
    What I did not see on the market?
    Software that can broadcast midi commands to regular applications without the support of the midi protocol (using macros of hot buttons).
    What is it for?
    I want to make it easier to record video covers for YouTube.
    When a person needs to control

    1. Playback a melody
    2. Playing the guitar
    3. Toggle guitar plug-in settings.
    4. Video stream recording
      1-3 I can set in the DAW environment in 1 click, the same midi command or automation change guitar preset in plug-in . When you record a video, you have to do everything in manual mode.
      And if you bad guitar player (like I). And you play all songs in 1 time without cut and mountage. And for recording I sometimes need more than 20-50 attempts
      The absence of the possibility of not touching the mouse greatly complicates the recording.
      We can convert midi-to-USB, and I no see problem to transfer midi/usb signal in to other programm without midi support.

    Example in Bias FX

    if we reserve on CC = ch 0, velocity 127,then CC = Win-1251 (dec032,hex20)
    throw cc1 to another program.
    First click order

    1. video record program (hot key - start record)
    2. playback program (start - play)
      Second click
    3. playback program (hot key- stop play + rewind to the beginning)
    4. video record (hot key - stop record)

    Remaining Midi footswitchs work in normal midi mode
    Technically, this add-in can duplicate Ctrl + C => Ctrl + V in text editors like MS Office...

    The interface for selecting a program can be done both in the program Artmoney.
    Only instead of searching in memory, we do a search for supported commands for hot buttons. And in what order and in what programs will we broadcast our midi messages.
    You can argue that there is nothing to do with a all-in-one and it is speciall device. I can answer that guitarists playing for YouTube are many times larger than people playing on big scenes, and these people also buy home expensive sound interfaces or processors. And restrict the market.

    I specially was start learning programming for implement my idea
    And there is nothing technically complicated in this. But then I have to run one extra program, which will intercept control. And I can not write an implementation of this interface in your program, because there will be copyright infringement.
    And... I will be honest like programmer I so far worse than the I guitarist))
    P.S. I can use my USB keyboard (5$) as Midi controller, but i not can use midi controller (>100$) like keyboard. And it is absurd.

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    Can't this be done through eel or lua in REAPER? For sure it can be done in extensions, if you are that far in your programming

  • @pipelineaudio Excuse me, could you not use expressions like "go on", because my English is very bad. And some expressions you just need to know, and the translation gives a chaotic set of words.. If i translate "go on" separately in the dictionary I'll get something like "F@#$ off" in my language. Sorry.

    Maybe it can be done as you say, but we will be honest. The program Reaper is no rational. Just ask the beginner to make on the track a regular plug-in type Bias. And after launch Bias FX standalone. And then compare the elapsed time
    The user is fighting with control. Instead of making content.
    Usability is zero for 90 percent of users

  • And I understand perfectly well that the priorities for work are new algorithms of sound, working with errors in an already finished program and so on.
    And my idea not in first place.
    In fact, personally, I would put the idea in a workbook. And when will end their own revolutionary ideas get an old notebook and do reread what the lazy and stupid user wants (like I :) .
    In general, if you want to understand where you did not finish. Give the device to your child or a very elderly person (for whom enter the PIN code in the ATM is already an incredible achievement) and you will understand where your interface and capabilities are made silly.
    I saw such situations in the copying equipment - when people did not understand the banal - what does this printer need? And I have been servicing this equipment for more than 13 years. Considering that I am now 32. And I see fine narrow and uncomfortable places in interface.
    In some places, such inconvenience is justified, in some cases it does not exist, but in some places they conduct training courses not for service, but for users.

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    REAPER is the offical DAW of the AARP, that's how easy it is for old people to use, people complain in the forum about the demographic.

    Lets see. Right click, chose "add track"
    Click FX, type "bi" in the filter, click on Bias FX
    Arm the track, turn on monitoring, done

    For the thing you want to do for BiasFX, I am telling you, after watching your video, I can tell that you can do this yourself. Here are some links, pick whichever is easiest for you

  • @pipelineaudio Maybe you remember there was such a plug-in " jam vox".

    1. Run jam vox standalone
    2. select playback melody.
    3. push record video.
      Estimate the difference
      The problem is that the video codecs were bad there, and I did not like the sound of the plug-in.