Noise by patch changing

  • Hello: I tried to find if someone has the same problem, without success: if I play BFX using iPad and connect the output of the interface to a real amp (using input or effects loop) I get a short “bump” noise when I change a patch. I don’t hear it if I play with headphones. The noise is not so loud that one couldn’t tolerate it, but I absolutely don’t like it. I change patch just with the buttons in BFX self, I don’t have a BT4 or similar.

    Do you have the same problem? Is it maybe amp dependent, or should be specified something in BFX configuration?

    Thank you.

  • Hi, yes, I absolutely have the same problem. I’ve tried two interfaces, both a Focusrite iTrack lightning, and an iRig hd2, and it happens with both. My solution is to use the iRig hd2, and put an Ernie Ball volume pedal between the iRig hd2 and the amp. That way, I can rock the volume pedal back to ‘silent’ when changing presets.

  • Thank you for your answer. Just for information: the interface that I use with iPad is an iRig Pro Duo.

    Maybe the software self could do a kind of quick cross fade when changing patches, but I don’t know is this technically possible. Some digital pedalboards allow even that the reverb or delay of the last patch continues ringing after the change.

  • A2

    The interface doesn’t matter, this is an issue that needs to be dealt with in the software itself. If you were using the VST version, there are a few of us working night and day on ways to deal with it. The guys who made gig performer had a fx. All of us working on the reaper live pedalboard project have several ways to deal with it. ReValver has dealt with it for the most part. Hopefully even bias fx will have an internal way to deal with it soon