I now have to redo every preset. And I like it

  • I think I may be addicted to the celestion speaker/IRs

    I was happy with the tone of my presets but just when I though I was happy I realize theres a better tone out there.

    I first I would just change cabs, but now I have spent hours tweaking things.

    The wife isn't happy, so I will stop for now, but damn PG. Good job you guys.

    This is the most fun I've had in a while

  • A2

    The day I tried BA2 with the celestions, I immediately went to Celestion's site and bought the v30 pack

  • Yes, I was happy to get all the iOS Celestion IR packs. They are a massive upgrade and economical on the iPad at least. The speakers were chosen carefully and I have not felt limited by the palette of sounds that’s seem far more efficient and more realistic. They even seem louder and more direct, which is good because I have a Celestion V30 in the cheap Traynor tube combo that is the amp for my ipad. It was muddy at times with the prior packs.

  • @pipelineaudio good enough to not use irs?

  • A2

    I'm using the IRs, simply because Bias's GUI doesn't allow direct entry or parameter view, so its really, really really hard for me to make sure I am setting the mics and stuff the same.

    I would sooooooooooooo much rather have that (and savable as presets!) so that I don't have to make 12 different versions of every head, send them to the cloud, get them from the cloud, then load them in bias fx then send those to the cloud and load them from the cloud....just the thought of all this file management makes my head hurt

  • @pipelineaudio I mean seeing your last post I’ll just stay with my pc probably