JamUp Pro: How to import AAC audio from other app to 8-track?

  • I work on learning jazz standards. Love amps in JamUp - first iPhone app where latency is at the level that does not interfere with your playing. I use iReal Pro app a lot - get a quick (MIDI based) backup track in variety of styles and tempos and without invoking heavy weights like BIAB is a godsend. But when I try to export the AAC file from iReal Pro and into JamUp it ends up in Jam tab - which is OK when you start to work on a tune. But later say you want to record some of your "arrangement" ideas - maybe layer few voices. Or put down your own comping. 8-track is IDEAL for that but I cannot seem to find the way to copy and paste audio from iReal be and into 8-track track. I can do it with iTunes library files - eg. import Aebersold stuff.