MIDI PC Channels not saving and generally frustrating

  • Hi forum,

    Since updating my firmware, my amp head won't save the MIDI PC signal allocated to each preset.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    I want to be able to roll back to Bias Amp 1 because changing amp sim via MIDI cable is a huge part of my live sound.

    Eternally grateful for any help.

  • Moderator

    @bradd_91 The MIDI PC# should be the same on Amp1&2, have you checked your MIDI responding channel before?

  • Hi @felix what is literally happening is I'll allocate the PC# to the preset and then it will suddenly change to a random number without me doing anything. It's still occurring after factory resets and re-installing the software. Very peculiar. I don't suppose you use remote desktop like Anydesk to suss problems? Aha