Constant Crashing with BiasFX/Amp/Pedal Demo and MainStage 3

  • Hello
    I'm trying out the desktop demo version of Bias FX...within MainStage 3.

    From the get-go, Bias is constantly crashing--within Mainstage. Is this a known issue and/or are there workarounds?

    The iPad version of Bias FX works great.

    High Sierra 10.13.4
    Macbook Pro 16 gig 2.8 GHZ Core i7
    MainStage 3.32
    Bias Amp 2 2.12 (demo) with Bias Pedal and Bias FX as audio units

    Any usage help in evaluating Bias FX (within a Logic/MainStage environment) is appreciated.

  • It's solid as a rock for me with latest Mainstage 3 + MacOS. I am using full versions though. If you didn't reboot after installing the plugins you probably should. Mainstage has been acting funky if I don't do that when installing a new plug since upgrading to High Sierra but really that is the only issue I have seen in a while.

    You are probably better off filing a support ticket and you can send them a system dump etc.

  • A2

    How comprehensive is mainstage for adding scripts and custom functions and stuff?

    How are you guys setting up the hardware for convenient live use?

  • @elric thanks. I'll restart and see if that helps...I'm glad to know it works well. Sometimes, Apple goes abandonware....

  • A2

    If it keeps giving you grief, come on over to the dark side. I should have some setup files ready for basic stuff that you can mod soon

  • @pipelineaudio Not sure what you are looking for but it is pretty awesome and easy to use. Search on youtube for 'mainstage guitar live rig' etc. A lot of church gig, 'Praise and Worship' players seem to be really into it.

    At one poit it was Nine Inch Nails main rig: link text