Two Separate Bias FX on iPad?

  • Question: Is it possible to run two separate Bias FX (amp/fx) setups on an iPad?

    I have a hexaphonic guitar––with multiple outputs.
    Myself, I process the three lower strings differently (crunchier with pitch shifter) than the upper strings (cleaner with a bit of delay).

    The last post on this subject was over 3 months old...something about Audio Units...maybe there is new information?
    I tried this within Garage Band--which wasn't cooperative.
    I'm trying to avoid using my macbook (and logic)--where a dual channel setup would be easy-peasy.
    Any help/push in the right direction is appreciated

  • @grahama im pretty sure it’s impossible in iOS.

  • True, currently BIAS FX doesn't support AU, only IAA. Always one instance at a time.

  • @jo1e-kuo is there a way you can do this with a ‘shellI /duplicate ’ instance of the bias app? It’s a developer question. it‘s ‘kinda’ possible with amplitube and amplitube Cs. I’m financially invested in bias fix/amp/pedals. Would love to see the ability to run multiple instances as one instance is only at 24% cpu on the iPad.

  • @grahama : you wouldn't by chance be using a McMillen Stringport as interface?......

  • @tannhauser said in Two Separate Bias FX on iPad?:

    McMillen Stringport

    That looks interesting :)
    I'm using an Ubertar hexaphonic system....
    Soon, I'm be pairing a version of that (Little Torpedos) with the LR Baggs Anthem pickup...hopefully the best in electric and acoustic sounds on my acoustic guitar ...Experimenting with this stuff is 100% fun...