ASIO vs. MME/DirectX

  • Here's my problem. I am using Ableton Live 9 Lite and FX. If I switch to ASIO, sound has no delay and comes out through my Scarlett 2i2 speakers. If I switch to MME/DirectX I get a sever delay and sound through laptop speakers. I would prefer playback through the laptop-MME/DirectX. All my settings seem to be correct to play through MME/DirectX but it has now reached the point of frustration. Any ideas anyone?

  • A2

    You could try and amalgamate the different interfaces with voicemeetr and /or possibly asio4all, but best bet is ASIO and whatever outputs that entails

  • If i understand you try play via MME realtime?

    ASIO this is a crutch for Windows and is only needed to monitor your game in real time. Today, solving my question, I recorded a small riff on the guitar. After it's I turned off the Audio interface with ASIO. Then, I put a plug-in on track (not FH, it's not important). And through WASAPI I reproduced this riff. No delays in processing. The sound changed momentary when i changes presets on plug-in.
    It is just Windows...
    If you hear latency on only playback ... i do not know.
    I did not come across this.

  • If you're playing in real-time, you're best off using the native Scarlett (ASIO) drivers. ASIO4ALL had more CPU draw last time I tried it.

    Now, along the lines of pipelinaudio's comment: I've done screen recordings of my DAW using Filmora Wondershare - B2/BFX for guitar, and a gaming headset for commentary. Because the headset and Scarlett are considered different interfaces in Windows, I have to use VoiceMeeter to get both in the audio stream. Output routing is: VoiceMeeter is set at MME - headest; Filmora output is my PC speakers (looks as you're monitoring everything from the Scarlett outs). I get no latency, nor feedback or delayed and repeated guitar sound. I can't hear my voice, but who cares?

  • Thanx for the tips guys.