Worth upgrading to Elite for the Celestion IR:s?

  • Now when version 2 is released for the head/rack, is it worth going for the Elite upgrade for the Celestion IR:s?

    In my opinion, the step from version 1 to 2 is huge in terms of responsiveness, sound and feel, but it could always be better, right? :)

  • Depends, do you like celestions? if so then it can be worth it; however Bias 2 supports all IRs so you could get some others for less than $100...but I do know on iPad that they are really freaking nice....If you have the spare change I'd say go for it.

  • It's worth it imo. If u go on celestions website you can get each speaker type IR pack for $29.
    With bias u get 5 types for $100 ($90 if u use a coupon). So if you like celestions speakers u get good value.

    I also think they sound way better than the originals that are included.

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