Roll Your Own BiasFX Pedalboard

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    I've got the software done enough, most of the hardware figured out, looking for some portability solutions.

    I really want to get things set so that you have to plug in the absolute minimum of cables. I was looking at some of the cases that fit the Behringer FCB1010 pedalboard, and thinking if its a clamshell that stays open in use, and if the case holds the pedalboard up high enough that you can use it with it sitting in the case, we could be pretty set.

    Mount a tablet or 2 in 1, a powerstrip, and an audio interface to the inside of the lid, make some facility for running a power cord out, a line out to your amp or monitor and another, likely XLR out to the PA system and we should be good to go.

    Anyone have a better idea than one of these cases? Dimensions are 27" inside, and I'd like enough room for midi cables and power (though these could conceivably be modified as my personal one is to take less space)

    This one from Rondo looks perfect, except I dont know if the top detaches instead of hinges (I really need it to stay open to mount the computer to the inside where you can see the screen)

  • Good job. Love to see the finished product

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    Ok, so I will really need a lot of help with this, right now my brain is still mostly stuck on the software, so hardware implementation in a smart way keeps jarring my mental processes

    Ideally, I'd like as few wires as possible, and as unlikely to be murdered as possible, so no laptops sitting open on the floor for instance

    For demo purposes, I'm suggesting the Behringer FCB1010 as the pedalboard, as it is very cheap, readily available, and can easily be made wireless and battery powered

    For option #1, I figure a case mount:

    Stick the pedalboard on the bottom (this would require that the case is designed in such a way that the pedals can be used with the case open and the pedal still inside it. Rondo's CNB410E or G may work, I'm totally open to other suggestions though! Needs to be around 27" x 12" or bigger, not 100% clear on the depth

    Put a powerstrip, wireless receiver a windows 2 in 1 tablet, like the dell inspiron 13 7000, and an audio interface.

    If the interface has MIDI, then standard midi cables could be used. Everything should be able to stay wired up with the case closed or open.

    Optionally, the pedalboard could be made wireless and battery powered, which would remove the need for MIDI on the interface, but there may not be enough USB ports on most windows tablets and 2 in 1's for this

    I welcome any ideas anyone has on this

    ![alt text](0_1526867204087_option 1 case mount.jpg image url)

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    Option 2, very similar to the 1 wire iOS setup:

    In this case, an interface, wireless guitar receiver, and some sort of tablet/2in1 holder are glued or duct taped to a powered FRFR speaker. A powerstrip is mounted to the speaker and somehow wired into its mains power (I just drilled a hold and soldered it on mine). A wireless battery powered FCB1010 controls the whole thing

    This setup CAN be super simple and quick, but leaves a lot of gear exposed as you are carrying it, otherwise you'd have to plug it all in once you are at the show.

    0_1526878694619_option 2.jpg

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    Option 3: Mount it all onto some sort of board, maybe it could be carried in a big bag. Maybe the power and most wires could remain routed underneath. Care would have to be taken to put the interface's ins and outs in convenient places, though wires could just be run to make that easier.

    One big plus is, it Wouldn't need wireless or battery power for the pedalboard. Like option 2, you'd still probably have to place the tablet once the board was in place, as it might not travel well, though if the board was big enough, maybe it could lay flat in the bag....not sure

    0_1526885323446_option 3.jpg

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    For option 3, I just picked up a Gator Pedal Tote off of craigslist, there is about a 7" span past the pedalboard to put a 2 in 1, or glue down a tablet holder like the one in my iOS setup...seems doable. I need to get my hands on a 2 in 1 next


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    So far, so good
    0_1526951590756_option 3.jpg

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    Ideally, I get this going cheap, simple, easy to use and reliable enough, that some manufacturer (hint hint) just ends up building us this thing themselves in an even more convenient package, including hosting third party VSTs, maybe some scripting, definitely a full FX suite, autoengage, sensible midi, etc....

    And maybe even a combo amp version as well!

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    SERIOUS progress today. Here's a test run. This shows the LBX Stripper script, spillover FX, a harmonizer, and especially the auto engage plugin, in this case used to control the wah....

    REALLY happy with how far this has gotten, switching is instant and painless, check it out!

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    How to use LBX Stripper! Project file included

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    Any ideas on a tablet holder that could stay folded down in transport if used in a bag style pedalboard instead of a case? The one I have is a bit too bulky

    If this could secure the tablet somehow it would be perfect
    alt text