PC Setup for playing with backing tracks

  • Hi guys,

    I've bought BIAS FX for IOS but want to set this up on PC. I downloaded the trial to make sure it would work before purchasing. I have Windows 10, IRIG HD 2. The default audio setting worked but had a really bad lag. I read online that I should use ASIO4ALL. I installed this and now both the input and the output is the IRIG with no option to have input IRIG, output anything but IRIG. To listen I need to plug my headphones into the IRIG and it sounds great, but I can't hear any other sounds/backing tracks from YouTube, or MP3.

    How can I set this up to have the input from the IRIG, but the output mixing with the PC audio output. Do I need to use DAW software?


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    I can't remember if you can do multiclient with ASIO4All...its definitely doable but its tricky

    Easiest way for me is just to drag and drop mp3s into a daw and play with them. I think there are settings in ASIO4All to not take exclusive control though, I'll see what I can dig up

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I thought this would be something that anyone with bias products would want to do. Is this an issue with the IRIG? Would a different audio interface do what I want?

    I'll have a look at setting up Audacity and see how far I get.

    Thanks for the info and if you can find out anything else or point me to some resources that may help I'd really appreciate it.

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    Yeah, the iRig has no actual ASIO drivers. I did a round trip latency test with the HD2 recently, and I think there may have been a way to run it in WASAPI, but the ASIO4All forums and groups on social media have tricks to deal with multiclient
    Hopefully I'll figure something out

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    You may be able to pull this all off with Voicemeetr...and if you do, you get to be the expert on OBS for the forum :) https://www.vb-audio.com/Voicemeeter/index.htm

  • I've been looking into this a bit more and the easiest solution (with my non driver/audio/complicated stuff head) seems to be getting an external mixer. I can get the windows audio from the audio out into one set of headphones and one set from the IRIG phones out and they both work at the same time. Just one ear at a time :).

    If I took the output from each and wacked them into a cheap external mixer from ebay I'd have what I want without being an expert in anything much at all.

    After digging at least I found that I'm not the only one and it's not really a BIAS issue.

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    Unless you REALLY need a mixer for some reason, I'd go with a soundcard with an actual ASIO driver. I don't want to spam up the forum, but my latest article lists a few and links to many more, with the supriseing finding that the 60 dollar behringer 202HD held its own with all but the very best

  • Have you got a link to that article? I'd be really interested. Is that the U-PHORIA UMC202HD? If so I'm guessing you're in the US. That's $129 Aussie... :(

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    This one talks a bit about asio interfaces in the components section (not done yet), has some RTL numbers. I'll try to list 5 or 6 of the most recommended interfaces on there if I can

    This one tells a bit about the driver families

    This is a chart I try my hardest to keep updated as new interfaces come out

  • Nice! Thanks for your help.