Automating BIAS FX (PRO) with REAPER

  • Hi,
    does anyone use BIAS FX vst with REAPER?
    I believe I've found a bug:
    to automate a parameter with REAPER I first right click on the effect to automate -> MIDI/Automation, then I choose a CC# from 0 to 19 for the parameter.
    0_1511198943248_2017-11-20 (1).png
    In the REAPER track containing BIAS FX I add an automation lane for the corresponding effect parameter and start adjusting (or writing) automation.
    0_1511198956382_2017-11-20 (2).png
    Now all this works perfectly for all knobs, both for amps and effects. I can't get this to work for the TOGGLE function of any effect.

    Say I want to increase the gain knob on a drive pedal at a certain point in the song: working.
    Now let's say I want to toggle that same drive pedal on or off during the song: not working.

    What happens is REAPER will slow down to a halt the moment I create the automation lane for the TOGGLE parameter. I don't even have to actually change it or read the automation. It's not crashing, it just slows down and eventually freezes.

    I have just bought BIAS FX Pro specifically to deal with automation. Latest version of both BIAS FX and REAPER, Windows 10 64bit, Presonus Audiobox iTwo. I also have Bias AMP LE installed.

    Any help appreciated :)

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    Are you able to toggle say a band of ReaEQ on/off with automation ok? If we know that works, then it can start narrowing down a bit easier

  • I just now tried to use automation to toggle various switches with a bunch of plugins, both reaper plugins and third party plugins, 32bit and 64bit, vst2 and vst3. They all work normally.

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    Well, I guess that kind of points a finger then :)

    Hopefully someone can at least repro this in BIAS FX on REAPER, and then it moves a few important notches further

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    @riccardo-munari Hi, we've received your ticket and we're investigating this issue right now, will keep you posted on this, thank you!

  • I have the same issue and it definitely is the toggle that causes Reaper to stutter for me as well. Has a workaround been found out since you discovered the issue?

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    In this thread

    We found out that ANY continuous messages to the toggle CC will grind BiasFX to a screaming, screeching halt. We had to design a plugin that could only send a message upon changing state, and even then not so close together.

    You can try setting the automation shape in REAPER to square, I'll check ASAP to see if that only sends a message once

  • Facing a similar issue too - same OS / DAW as posted above. Very interested to hear any solutions