Footswitch for Desktop and iPad--beyond the BT-4

  • What footswitch do folks (here) recommend for controlling Positive Grid Plugins (Amp, FX, Pedal) on both the Macbook pro and the iPad?

    It appears that the BT-4 (Positive Grid's footswitch) only supports the iPad.
    My usage is standard--switching b/w preset setups of bias amps/fx/pedal combination (perhaps 4)...with a standard expression pedal for volume/fx swells / wah / whatever.

    Does anyone recommend a footswitch that works well in live situations (somewhat sturdy) and supports an expression pedal? It's hard to justify buying 2 different footswitches at $100 a pop.

    Many thanks in Advance

  • A2

    Working on (and have a few decent setups) a comprehensive, gap free, dropout free, nearly instant switching system in software to control all of these FX as well.