Amp Match

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    I still don't understand this amp match stuff. Is it done by analyzing the sound coming out of the head, or the sound going all the way thru the head and also the speaker cabinet? Like chaning speaker cabinets would totally defeat the purpose of it on a previously matched amp?

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    @pipelineaudio It's a software-based technology that allows you to EQ and amp-match signal through BIAS Amp program. You can then upload your amp-match patch to BIAS Head/Rack/MINI to rock!

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    Well why would I want to match some dead, dinosaur, 200 pound, daily maintenance needing, glowing, radioactive, space eating, noisy monstrosity of a brick and mortar amp when I can make my dream amp inside Bias?

    Plus I gotta mic the stupid thing and then obsess over which angle, what distance, what mic, how do I get all the kids to shut up, how do I keep people from tripping over the cables, etc etc etc

  • Hmh hmh hmh hmh hmh.....why would anyone want to model an amp? Why not completely re-design the circuit? Better yet, why not give the tube physics of your distinct preference?