Saving Custom Presets/ Amps

  • After a recent forced Windows update, my computer's sound card started coming in and out. After a couple days of trying everything, and 2 live Windows support staff trying to fix the problem from their update, their expert diagnosis was ' wipe the hard drive and start over, sorry,...oh well.' I saved the chat session because of the audacity of their comments. Anyway,'s my question (and I'm posting it here as tech support has not responded to my email and I'm kinda needn an answer, if there is one),...

    How can I save all of my custom amps and presets from Amp 2 and FX without dumping them all to the cloud. Has anyone tried saving it all to a hard drive, external/ internal, etc?

  • should just need to backup the BIAS/PositiveGrid folders in Documents and %AppData%.

  • Thank You Ash Wolford.

  • oh, make sure to check local and roaming appdata just in case. i can't remember if it's one of those apps that uses both or not.

  • Me thinks the current FX glitch might have cost me my custom presets in FX. They imported back into Amp 2 just fine, I think.