Building my road rig.

  • I have been using both bias versions for a few years now.
    I had started with the ipad version and eventually graduated to the desktop.
    The added flexibility of rolling your ir's into your preset saves really made it easy to get the same sound sitting in my living room as in my buddies garage.
    However the one thing that made me crazy was not having a good pedal system that felt intuitive. So I decided to build my own.
    I have almost 40 years combined electronics and computer experience, so I drew on them to design and build this.
    The first design goal was to have a pedal system that synced up with bias fx. this was a bit tricky but in the end it works flawlessly. Saving the presets in the pedal are a single button and from there it tracks dead on.
    Second was to add more potential fx controls than the base live view had. with only 4 it was lacking to me. So I decided to make outboard pedals that would mimic the originals. I made space in the mapping for 13 devices.
    In these pics I have the main controller head, switch box and 4 effects boxes. mind you these are controllers not real effects pedals. the main controller has a buss port on the side for expanding more pedals as per the users taste.
    I use the L6 sonic port VX with a camera adapter and hub. this also allows me to attach the midi controller. I mount the ipad on a mic stand and this is all within easy reach and clearly readable.
    I have printed circuit boards made and stuff them with components myself. the boards are small enough to fit in most any pedal so I can convert old pedals to controllers to add to the system.
    once this is all mounted on a pedal board it will be a bit cleaner and much more portable. although now it all packs into a single duffle. =)
    1_1526247656674_2.jpg 0_1526247656674_1.jpg

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    I just now started testing the LBX Stripper system in lieu of the SWS Live Configs setup, and so far, SERIOUSLY promising! Instant switching and snapshots!

    And Wah auto engage

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    My Live iOS setup is similar to yours, but I don't want the risk of plugging in cables, so I made it as simple as possible. Nowdays the Blueboard is replaced by a wireless Behringer FCB1010 instead

  • was there ever any solution to the switching latency with the ios devices?
    one thing i noticed when simply changing presets with the live view the cpu usage shot over 150% into the red. doh!
    mostly i setup a rig with all the pedals i need and avoid preset switching as much as possible.

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    I was using the path switching inside tonestack to change sounds, using Bias FX as the amp, but thats only two sounds per preset