What's the deal with the celestion thing?

  • I've always been super happy with the bias amp treadplate cab since the beginning.
    The bias amp 2 has a few new cabs including the new rectifier cab which i kinda confuse to since it should be the same as treadplate, isn't it?
    I tried it and turns out it sounds different and i didn't like it just like other cabs available.
    I just keep going back to the treadplate cab as i am using mesa boogie simulation and it seems that the treadplate cab works best with boogie stuffs.
    So i was wondering what's the deal with the celestion impulse responses available for purchase since i've always been using amp matched patch (works like an ir AFAIK)
    Are they worth it?

  • They are worth it, if you like celestions... But you will need to tweak the mics and EQ, because simulation software on the high end frequencies get a bit fizzy. If you're happy with the current cab you are using though it's not necessarily worth $40 for both of the IAPs, now if you're a huge fan of them it's a great deal. Personally when I heard them, they sounded reasonable, but you do need a decent pair of headphones, or speakers.

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