What's the deal with the celestion thing?

  • I've always been super happy with the bias amp treadplate cab since the beginning.
    The bias amp 2 has a few new cabs including the new rectifier cab which i kinda confuse to since it should be the same as treadplate, isn't it?
    I tried it and turns out it sounds different and i didn't like it just like other cabs available.
    I just keep going back to the treadplate cab as i am using mesa boogie simulation and it seems that the treadplate cab works best with boogie stuffs.
    So i was wondering what's the deal with the celestion impulse responses available for purchase since i've always been using amp matched patch (works like an ir AFAIK)
    Are they worth it?

  • They are worth it, if you like celestions... But you will need to tweak the mics and EQ, because simulation software on the high end frequencies get a bit fizzy. If you're happy with the current cab you are using though it's not necessarily worth $40 for both of the IAPs, now if you're a huge fan of them it's a great deal. Personally when I heard them, they sounded reasonable, but you do need a decent pair of headphones, or speakers.

  • @bradley_ames75 I use bias on iOS when I do use it. I stopped because bias and tonestack cabs aren’t that great and loading up irs with fiddlicator is kind of a pain. Do the celestion cabs sound so good that you don’t need an ir loader?

  • A2

    I only bake in the IR's because the bias GUI doesn't have direct entry, so I can never be sure of my starting points for the mic positions and stuff to compare apples to apples. If the GUI had the regular basic parameter view, fine tune and direct entry functions, I wouldn't have bought the IRs. The celestion sounds included in the celestion pack for bias are AMAZING to me.

  • @pipelineaudio interesting. At the very least the graphical representation is more than anything on pc except maybe two notes wall of sound. Going through irs is such a chore

  • The Celestion Packs are worth every single Cent, no matter which one you choose.
    Today I played through every single stock Amp and did a A/B, changing to one of the celestions.
    In most cases I had to replace the virtual mics position towards the virtual cab and lower the mic-level, but after that every single amp sounded 100 % better :)