AMP MATCH function in FL STUDIO??

  • Hi.

    Is there any way to use the amp match function in FL STUDIO?

    I can't understand if it is possible to use this function with Image Line sequencer.

    Is there anyone that can explain me step by step how to do it??


  • aaargh no one to help me out guys?

    is there anyone there that can match a guitar tone for me at this stage?

    I would be very grateful, I cant just understand how to do it with my DAW lol!

  • @windir I run Bias Amp as an effect in one of the effect channels. I've only amp matched using Bias Amp 1 and used it to do a copy of some Amplitube amps. I made sure Amplitube was also running on the same effects channel and also before Bias Amp in the chain. I then used the amp match feature where it asked me to play from the source so I let Amplitube rip straight into Bias Amp. I'm using an actual cab and no IRs so this does the really work using version 2 I don't think, it's a bit different.

    Have you managed to get everything working ok in the meantime? Pretty sure it's just a case of putting your source before Bias Amp... So routing the signal into the effects channel you have it running on should do it

  • Hi Matt Val thanks for the help.

    My intention is to use amp match function to match a tone of a song (not an isolated guitar track, i don't have it, a whole song with drum and bass). For "effects channel" do you mean the 10 slots on the right of the mixer?

    do you know if there's a way in Fl to grab a tone from a wav or mp3?