Bias Amp 2 iPad upgrade questions

  • My BIAS updated to version to the other day and noticed it’s $15 to upgrade? I played on the stuff that it has with it, and none of it sounded any different than version one; Is all the new stuff behind this upgrade, or is it all pointless? $15 isn’t bad if it actually works, because this is my go to practice software on the go; Later this summer I plan to buy Bias 2 Pro and FX on the PC when I begin taking on larger recording projects, so I want to know for the iPad version...after I pay to upgrade, is the sound improved, and are there new amps? I didn’t really notice anything change with the update.

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    @bradley_ames75 Hi, BIAS AMP 2 Classic (the upgrade from Amp 1 to Amp 2, for free) has more features than BIAS AMP 1 and is fully downward-compatible with BIAS AMP1's presets. please also refer to the FAQ below

    The $15 upgrade is not necessary if you're happy with Amp 2 Classic (with the same features as Amp 1, but with Amp 2 UI and some new features)

    Let me know if you have any further question,
    Thank you!

  • I'd be interested in reviews from folks who have paid the $15 to upgrade.

    I mostly use Bias FX and only occasionally do additional tweaking in Bias Amp. Are the upgrades worthwhile?

  • Can only speak for myself but ... yes, it’s worth it.
    Had Bias Amp and Bias fx fir a while but moved over to ToneStack. Felt the improvements in Classic were a big step forwards and the upgrade with ability to run 2 mics etc makes it even better.
    I also bought one of the Celestion IR packs and to me this puts it way above other amp sims. I have Celestion IRs already direct from Celestion but the ones in Bias Amp 2 compare really well... also the ability to select and position 2 mics puts the Cab sims on a par with other much more expensive products.

  • I'd love to buy this, but after the most recent update, all of my amps are fizzy and sound like someone farting into a microphone; it's always too trebbly and fizzy, with a loud hiss at all times....

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    @bradley_ames75 We've just released v2.0.1 update for Amp 2 iPad yesterday, please try the update to see if the issue is resolved, thank you!

  • @bradley_ames75 updated to latest version and it sounds absolutely great.

  • Still having the issues with cabs, but they let me downgrade to 1.8 until a fix is in place; Pretty nice of them to do for me! I'll download the iPad version again next month (I've got a desktop/laptop to use as my main go to anyway) and if they all work I'll buy the upgrade on there too. Still works better for me than spending $400 on helix native.

  • I have discovered something....I purchased the $15 upgrade and now it all works... uninstalled and reinstalled the app without restoring purchases and the cabs are all busted....I think this issue might be with it recognizing purchases....weird