Mini bias bluetooth reset ?

  • Hi guys, i'm now the satisfied user of a mini bias guitar amp (y). The only let down was the bluetooth failed during first connection / update process ending up in the Unit being unoperable wireless by any of my iOS devices (iPod touch/iphone or iPad w latest versions of bias Amp apps).
    USB connection works well though, but i'm now missing one of the most useful function of the unit in gig situation.
    Is there any possibity to hard reset bluetooth firmware ? (Factory reset did not help in my case)

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    @steve-vtm Can you let me know the firmware version of your MINI Amp? Please note that the MINI Amp is currently compatible with BIAS Amp2 iPAD version only, meaning that it's not possible to have your iPod/iPhone connected with the device. Feel free to PM me for any results.

  • @felix Hi Felix, firmware version for my unit is

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    @steve-vtm It's the latest version! Are you able to have your iOS device connected to MINI Amp?