Bias FX : what ? Buy a licence of BIAS Amp 2 to read preset create on my BIAS Amp 2 on iPad !!!!

  • After the nasty surprise of the latest update of mobile software, now I discover that I still have to pay a license to use on my desktop my amp created on my iPad.
    It's a joke?! ??? !!!

    I have the feeling of having been scammed

    License :
    Bias FX desktop and mobile
    Bias Amp 2 mobile
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  • It’s not a scam, this sort of thing has been common with most software for 15+ years, however it would be nice for there to be a warning for those that did the upgrade... Or a way to use the Bias 1 amps in the mobile area to still have parity with those that are on version one with the desktop client..

  • I insist, it's illegal.
    There is no need to say that you have to buy Bias Amp 2 classic now to use Bias FX properly.
    It would be normal if I had puchase Mobile Bias Amp 2 Pro, but I did not do it. So I should be able to use the amps create on Bias Amp 2 as I did with Bias Amp
    Now I can not use Bias FX desktop because I can not use my amps anymore !!! It is purely and simply a scam !!!

  • I think it would be better if one get a warning if some elements of Bias Amp 2 were used, that are not available in Bias Amp. But if the preset has only Bias Amp elements, it should be possible to load it in the desktop version. If people don’t have the possibility to exchange presets between mobile and desktop versions, a big part of the power of this software is lost.

  • it is not illegal, and it is not a scam. It's standard business practice. BIAS Amp for iOS and PC are separate products, with slightly different feature sets, and this has been the case for pretty much every application that ever had separate mobile/desktop versions -- you always have to buy them separately, except in some exceedingly rare cases. I paid over a grand for the BIAS Head which came with PC BIAS Amp for free, but i still had to pay to get the iOS version. That's just how it is. If you don't want to buy both, then you have to stick with the platform you bought it for.

    Hell, if they made an android app you'd have to buy THAT separately too. The only way around it is for them to switch to a service-based model with the apps being free on the stores but requiring purchases of account features, which would almost definitely add more complication than it'd be worth, since your activations would be stretched across PCs and mobile devices. Keep in mind, buying the PC version gives you two activations, meaning you can install/activate it on up to two PCs with that one purchase. Meanwhile, buying it on iOS lets you use it on multiple iOS devices WITHOUT subtracting from your two PC activations, since it's tied to your apple account. The licensing schemes are a bit different, and the stores are a bit different, so realistically speaking it's almost definitely better this way.

  • Hi all,
    Indeed, the licenses are separate.
    But this should not prevent the use of Bias FX amp created on Bias Amp 2 Standard.

    I wrote an e-mail on this topic to the Positive Grid team and here is the answer:


    Thanks for writing to us,

    Our desktop and iOS products (BIAS Amp 2) are separate purchases. The desktop version comes in 3 thirds (Standard and Professional and Elite) while the iOS version only comes in one, and you buy the add-ons as packs.

    We will fix this cross-platform problem in the future update "

    This problem will be resolved quickly in the future update
    Thank you Positive Grid for your attention!

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    @mr-g We're looking into this now, thank you again!