Low output volume from rack

  • Hi all,
    When I run th e speaker output from my Rack to my cabinet (2×12), the volume level Is crazy. No problem, just dial back the level on the amp model.
    Here is my trouble: when I use the line output, the volume to my DAW is really low. I need to crank the output to 10, then bring the channel volume on my DAW up considerably to get a good recording level.
    Any tips or idea what I might be able to do differently?
    When I use the software, this problem doesn't happen.
    Any help would be awesome.

  • Moderator

    @queso-st-eele Have you tried to update the firmware to the latest version Just wondering are you feeding the audio interface from the Line-Outputs TS jack? Please also try to set the Input Level to Instrument or Line level on your audio interface to see how it goes. Feel free to PM me for any further questions!

  • @queso-st-eele

    Speaker out and line out are two different things, and desired volume between the two is subjective.

    Speaker Out: Use the Output Knob to adjust level to desired volume coming out of your cab. For some people this might be blisteringly loud, and for some people this might be apartment-quiet. You shouldn't need to adjust the level on the model though, because the model's level is not the same as the amplifier output level.

    Line Out: Run the Line Out into your interface and adjust gain on your input to the appropriate level. You shouldn't need to adjust the channel volume on your DAW, as your levels should be set through the interface before they hit the DAW.