Tone cloud very misleading to a new user

  • Hi everyone,

    I recently stumbled upon this program while looking for Prince and John Mayer effects without breaking the bank. I was very excited with the demo and went on the cloud looking for a Prince preset. I downloaded a preset and I got hit with an error message. The message
    Alright seems fair to not include that in the demo. But you know what I got some spare money I could upgrade to the standard version (upgrading from demo to standard).
    So I upgrade restart the program and when I try to load the package the same error occurred. So now it suggests me to upgrade to the pro version... hmm odd it just told me to upgrade my version (license) I just did?

    So after reading the forum I learned that they are aware of this and they plan to change the message. Which is a good thing since the current message is very misleading and caused me to spend money on something I didn't get. So now I'm here wondering if there is anything you guys can do for me. I know giving me access to that certain set of effects included in the preset I was trying to get would be too much work and I understand that if you would even consider that in the first place. However In my opinion a refund is in order or maybe even an upgrade. I am asking here first since claiming a dispute with Paypal will make things a whole lot more complicated which is why I'm acting in good faith on the premise that I believe this was an oversight and not a scheme.

    Thanks in advance!

  • er, not that i mean to demean or question your motives or anything, but generally 'acting in good faith' in cases like this normally involves taking the issue directly through the support system (where the right people will see it more quickly) rather than airing it in a public forum, where it's basically just us users...

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    That feels painful, and I really love the way you reasonably and rationally said it.
    That said, even if you can't get the preset you wanted, I would say that if you really keep messing with modelling, you'll probably end up buying Bias again anyway, so you may as well stick with it :)

  • @ash-wolford I only saw the ticket system after I found the forums. The only reason why I'm posting it on the forum is so others can see the issue I had and maybe prevent them from making the same mistake. I understand what you are getting at but I don't think that posting it publicly stops it from being in good faith.

  • @pipelineaudio I can see that the software is amazing and I love fooling around in it. However i'm more of a casual guitarist and mostly do acoustic. My electric guitar costs less than the premium bundle so that's not really an option since i only ever use it for some john mayer songs and when i want to impress my family members with old tunes. Thank you for the kind comment and advice!

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    @ricky-vandenberg Hi, sorry for the confusion, we plan to change the messages and improve the Tonecloud filter to avoid this,

    Please refer to the link below for now

    Thank you!

  • @mike Hey mike thanks for the reply, unfortunately this refers to a standard user getting this message and not a demo user. What i expirience was from a demo user which is why it is misleading and a simple I'm sorry is not doing it for me. I did enter a support ticket and I'l be awaiting the response over there. I'm guessing you are a forum moderator that has no influence over billing stuff. Which is why I would like to thank you again for taking a look, but i hope you understand that I won't be satisfied if that would be a final answer.

  • I personally think the demo should be Full access to all features available in the Elite version, where BA2 really shines. I've never understood this bottom tier demo approach. An Elite demo would allow for a more educated purchase because you could sample and understand what's in each tier. The present demo makes absolutely no sense to me. I own the Elite version so I know what people are missing out on in the demo...and that's everything that's important. You shouldn't force people to purchase something so they can try it.

  • I‘m absolutely with Anthony! It would be FAR more Sendefolgen to make a Full Demo wih Elite functinonality. THAT is very BIAS Amp 2 Starts to shine - without evaluating the Celestion speakers I would have never fallen in love with BA2 like I‘m now currently did ;)

  • I ended up purchasing BiasFX and the Pro version of Bias Amp 2 in order to enjoy downloading the majority of tones available on tone cloud.
    It would be nice if the message would tell you which components you need to download for specific tones though.
    Especially with the tone packs and Celestion speaker pack that are available as well.
    I’m not even sure if not owning the Celestion speakers will restrict certain tones from tonecloud at this point.

    Anyway, I’m a huge fan of Positive Grid and I have faith that you guys will iron out all of these details in the future.