Global settings confusion Biasfx ipad

  • Hello,

    I use a headphone for my output right now. When you go into global settings is an Amp Front, Combo Power-amp, Stack Power-amp, etc.. When you click on one of them, then underneath there is a Pre Amp, Tone Stack, etc.. If I am going to headphones, I want to simulate an entire signal chain. The documentation doesn't say anything useful about this. What settings should I be using and why would combo power-amp for instance have a Power-amp setting, Tone stack, etc... Doesn't it provide all of those? Is there some type of more in-depth documentation than just choose your setting? The product is exceptional, but the documentation is really lacking.

  • My issue is related to the OPs post in that I am unable to find any documentation on what the defaults are for global settings with Bias FX running on iPAD Air with FRFR. I upgraded today to Bias Amp 2; also did the compatibility upgrade for Bias FX and would like to optimize everything. Globals seem pretty straight forward...or so I thought. But when I turn on the Cab setting, I get no output in any of the 3 modes (amp front, combo poweramp, and stack poweramp). This doesn't seem like normal behavior. Obviously, since I'm using an FRFR, I want cabinet emulation turned on. But you only get output when cab is turned off in globals.

  • got the same problem.

    it only happend sience last few weeks.
    no output signal when cab is on.

    i submited a request to support, ill update here if they fix it.

  • @guitartherapy This thread details the problems and indicates a solution is in the works:

  • @kgm Thanks so much for your response. Saw the notice that the hotfix was released last night and after updating, everything seems to be working well. Cheers to PG for getting that done in fairly short order. I'm a happy man now.