Upgrade, no output - except with Tuner unmute

  • @chris-tondreau Make a refresh. „Pull” down a screen in Updates in App Store.

  • I tried that before, but I guess it takes a while to make it to all the servers. It worked now... and got updates for a few that didn’t come up before.


  • Today's update worked. Please pass my thanks to all involved for getting this done right after the weekend. Everything in Fx just started working like it always did. Unfortunately, I reset Amp to factory settings. Oh well, at least I was able to import my custom amps from Fx back into Amp. I don't use this to gig, but I get that this hit a lot of people really hard who rely on this. And the weekend is the busiest time for gigs. One thought, and I am just trying to be helpful. For those who were left "stranded" by the previous update, get a 2nd ipad if you can. Used ones have a serious markdown. Keep it as a backup and turn off auto updates, only manually updating that ipad as needed as well as the Bias app preset. It's a bit of a pain in upkeep, but when something like this happens, probably worth it.

    Since this thread has the attention of the moderator and others, I do have a question, are the models in Amp 2 updated? Is it worth re-importing them into Fx?

  • @mike Mine is working now too! Looks like the BIAS FX version is 1.6.1.
    Please pass my thanks along to the developers who got this fixed, I imagine they gave up a weekend.

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    No problem ! and yes they did :joy:

  • They wouldn't have to, if the testings would be more intensive and on a wider level.
    Some decisions, based on the need to start hardware sales, are leading to annoying issues at the moment and I am really sure that the product of those is not leading to sales overall :/

    I am ready for iOS testings too if the Betas could be spread out via TestFlight so they are installed besides the stable app.