Upgrade, no output - except with Tuner unmute

  • I know this is covered in another topic, but I found a slight workaround.

    My BIAS AMP (from 1 to 2) and BIAS FX auto updated overnight, and like many of you, I see input signal in BIAS FX, but no output signal (input and output are ok in BIAS AMP 2).

    Except - if I bring up the Tuner and "unmute" - then I do get an output signal.

    I know this is a weak work around, but at least a clue to what's going on.

  • @redroc-k same issue here. Everything great for years and the pow! This update hosed me completely. Any word if they are actively looking into this?

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    @tom-fritzsch Yes, we're working on this now, really sorry for the inconvenience

  • Same issue. If I toggle the output settings, you will get sound again. But if you change to a different preset, the sound goes off until you toggle it again. This makes live playing impossible! :anguished:

  • Me as well. Same issues as previously stated, along with all of the presets that came with the app, all of which have no sound. I also have no sound when logging into Tonecloud and trying to preview new tones. Hopefully, from how it looks now, it's just a bug and they can fix it and send out a new update. Fingers crossed! I have faith they will fix it : )

  • It sounds like the tuner unmute passes through an unprocessed sound. I turned off the speaker cab emulation in the output settings and the processed sound was audible, but terrible without the speaker emulation.

    I recently upgraded to Bias Amp 2 but have not paid to unlock. Even my custom amps that were created in Bias Amp 1 are not working with Bias Fx without going back into Bias Amp and modifying the amp's speaker emulation, then re-importing it into Fx.

  • I hope that you fix and not crash anything more before tomorrow 19.30 CET, when I have live gigging using BIAS FX. Luckily it is only amateur gigging but such things make me thinking about coming back to hardware multi fx I was using. I WAS using until I met BIAS FX and it looks like I WILL be using again because I now met BIAS FX crash.

    Please take to your hearts that reliability, infallibility is the top of the tops value for playing live musicians.

    No output makes things are becoming serious.

  • You have done it again. As a long time user of your products, I’m once again left with a none working program. Believe me, this is really tiring. When will you folks finally implement a working quality management? Just to remind you of the Cracking noise issue, backup issue, none working effects issue, messed up preset issue...............
    It could be such a great product, if you managed to thoroughly test EACH release before messing up my equipment. Sorry for the harsh words, but these stability problems are not professional.

  • Glad it wasn’t just me. I had a gig last night and spent 15 minutes mucking with it trying to get it to work without success. Restarted the ipad, no luck.

    Fortunately, I was able to get my old patches on JamUp to work and used those for soundcheck.
    During the opening band, I tried downloading and reinstalling BiasFX (using over 600MB of my mobile data), and still no luck.

  • signal is output when switching to AC BOOST

  • Same here,input meter showing ok but zero output except if I go into Global Settings and deselect Direct Out which allows full use of presets.Was this caused by an upgrade in the last day or so,the app has otherwise been great since I purchased a few months ago...?

  • @mike

    What is going on? There's no output and there's no solution posted anywhere. Not even any post from Positive Grid, on any pending repair - and no notice that there was a problem. Arrived at live gig with no ability to use a piece of gear I had come to rely on.

    When can we expect a repair?

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    Hi everyone, really sorry for all the troubles and inconvenience, we're working on a fix right now, please stay tuned for the new update,

    The workaround is to temporarily replace these amps with any of the others except '59 Tweed Lux , '66 AC Boost, '69 Duo Verb, '69 Plexiglas. If you use other amps but still have this issue, please switch to any of the other amps and back to work it around.

    We're working on a hotfix to address this issue and will release it in the shortest possible time. We at Positive Grid apologize for the inconvenience it has caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • Thank you for weighing in in a timely fashion. I’ll give that a try.


  • I’ve also noticed that the CPU load indicator has increased about 20% for each of my stored presets since this latest patch was loaded,is this also part of the problem...anyone else noticed the same?

  • @mike, I have sent an email to support, but it is not just the four amps you mention. I also have the issue with the following amps — which, along with the ones you mention, make up the vast majority of amps I use in presets:

    Acoustic sim
    67 Dumble Clean
    British Rock 50
    67 Blackface
    66 British TB 30
    British Plexi 50
    Hiway DR 103
    British TB 30

    Is there any timeline on when this might be resolved? Any way to revert back to Bias Amp 1 in the meantime?

  • @danrad Both apps are available for update now on my iPad

  • @sascha-ballweg Just updated — and the problem appears to be fixed. Thanks!

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    @danrad @Sascha-Ballweg Glad to know that! Thank you!

  • What is the version number with the fix? Right now, my BiasFX is showing ver. and nothing is showing up as an update yet in the App Store.