Gainy amps sound bad after upgrade

  • Hey all,

    Wondering if anyone is still having issues following the most recent updates to BIAS FX and BIAS AMP 2 on IOS? I was in a similar situation 2 days ago: Tried BIAS FX presets as part of a DAW or standalone app, and while input channel showed signs of life, output (direct out) wasn't working. Moving to another output created sound, but like other posters it wasn't anywhere near what it should have been. Now, I've since updated to most recent versions, but the presets I have still sound wrong compared to before the updates. It sort of sounds like the split channel amp tones (Signal 1&2) aren't "reading" both amps...I can get a better sound if I change those amps to the ones available in BIAS AMP 2, but I'd prefer to stick with the original amp presets. An important note: A lot of my preset tones are downloaded from tone cloud, so I guess I could always, delete, reinstall, and re-upload those tones, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I'm missing? Any input would be appreciated.

  • @ios_pg Well i should first appreciate that you guys release the fix quickly.
    It seems like it is working well after update.
    Haven't test the dual amp bug you said though since my dual amp is the same amp XD