Gainy amps sound bad after upgrade

  • I am having the same issue. No output signal, no sound.

  • @shiand2485 I submitted a ticket and just wrote ”N/A” in the order Number field. Read my post from earlier to see how they replied.

    I also fear we will be forced to go through a Number of updates. First they fix one thing, but break another. I hope this won’t be the case..

  • Hello. I have the same issues with both apps fx and amp. I have opened a ticket. Hoper they are going to fix asap.

  • @jaakko-laamanen Thanks. I took the view that the more people that write in the better! We’ll see. As you say we can only hope this gets fixed without causing other issues.

  • Same issues. :confused: I hope they will release an update to fix it.

  • @shiand2485 i opened a ticket for Bias FX about the known issues mentioned here, and also another ticket for the error message when opening amps from Bias Fx into the new Bias Amp. I also included a link to this threat so hopefully we will get their attention. I hope they will fix these bugs without introducing new ones.

    I noticed that i am not having the Bias FX sound output issues when using presets that use the Keith Merrow or Ola Englund IAP amps. Those seem to be two of the very few amps that output still fine.

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    Hi everyone, really sorry for all the troubles and inconvenience, we're working on a fix right now, please stay tuned for the new update,

    The workaround is to temporarily replace these amps with any of the others except '59 Tweed Lux , '66 AC Boost, '69 Duo Verb, '69 Plexiglas. If you use other amps but still have this issue, please switch to any of the other amps and back to work it around.

    We're working on a hotfix to address this issue and will release it in the shortest possible time. We at Positive Grid apologize for the inconvenience it has caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • @derrick-lopez Yes. I have the same exact issue: No output with Cab setting turned on in globals. The only way to get any output is to turn the cab setting off, which makes no sense if you're using Bias FX with an FRFR. I wish I would have checked the forums before "upgrading." But I was so excited to see Bias Amp 2 offered for mobile, that I immediately pulled the trigger and upgraded to BA2 and did the concurrent update for Bias FX.

  • @mike Thank you Mike. That's a relief. Really appreciate PG following this up in a timely manner. I know everyone else does too.

  • @mike I hope that you fix and not crash anything before tomorrow 19.30 CET, when I have live gigging using BIAS FX. Luckily it is only amateur gigging but such things make me thinking about coming back to hardware multi fx I was using. I WAS using until I met BIAS FX and it looks like I WILL be using again because I now met BIAS FX crash.

    Maybe you would make it possible to come back to BIAS AMP 1 in order to avoid bugs and other inconveniencies.

    And when I think that two days ago I have BIAS FX 5 stars and have written beautiful review in App Store I feel really mad and frustrated. Remember it is not free app.

  • Beware before updating bias fx or amp for a major upgrade. They often come with major bug too.
    Keep your old version backed up because reverting ios app version is hell of a job.

  • @flyingdutchee


    I have the same problems. You can slide down the cabinets on BA to the path and so activate them if you unlock the control “unlock signal path” in the configuration.

    But I noticed an additional issue: with some patches, factory and custom, if you try to load a Celestion cabinet (if you purshased these) BA selects an apparently random one, not Celestion. Try to load in Bias FX the factory preset 80’s chorus, then launch BA and then try to load a Celestion cabinet. The same with many others patches.

    I wonder how could all this happen.

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    The law of unintended consequences.

    Software of this level is incredibly complex. Even a small change in the compiler, that the compiler developers didn't think were worthy of a patch note can wreak massive havok.

    In general, much much much more alpha testing, across a wide variety of the ecosystem (or frightfully, the way we do it, by having tons of people more than willing to be guinea pigs capable of dishing out every bit as much abuse as they take) can show a lot of these gotchas.

    But at this point, across a system that has to pay for itself, at the very least, the complexity in keeping away not just the syntax errors, but the logic errors as well, is a serious, painful and most importantly of all

    And I think we really, really, really need to always be ready to cut PG a lot of slack because of this

    Uncharted territory.

    Sure the general plan of this stuff is done, all over the place, and many times done better or worse, but the specifics get incredibly specific

    REALLY specific

    A tiny change in just one little piece can change the behaviour across the board

  • @mike issue with the dynamic VH-4 :(

  • my question is to positive Grid: Would it be possible that you immediately make a Update back to bias Amp 1 that every User who at the moment has a unusable System will be able to use it again?

  • @michael-dotterweich said in Gainy amps sound bad after upgrade:

    my question is to positive Grid: Would it be possible that you immediately make a Update back to bias Amp 1 that every User who at the moment has a unusable System will be able to use it again?

    It looks as best possible salvation & solution for now. Better than any.

  • @florek Both apps are available for update now on my iPad

  • @sascha-ballweg Thankfully also on mine. I have just updated and seems to work fine.

    Unfortunately my yesterdays gig was not so successful as it could be „thanks” to sudden necessity of changing amps without a possibility of trying volume levels in mix :(. PG: I hope such things will never happen again. Don’t let us be a guinea pigs anymore.

  • @korkenknopfus I reply my own message: like with many others, with new update the problems seem to be gone. The additional issue that I mentioned about the random selection of Celestion cabinets when I want to do that from a Bias FX patch (after launching Bias Amp from FX) was gone after I selected a new amp being in Bias Amp. After that, if I close both apps and load again a patch in FX, launch Bias Amp from it and try to change the cabinet to a Celestion one, now it works. I mention that, in case someone else has the same problem.

  • Seems to be fixed after latest update. Thank you, PG.