Gainy amps sound bad after upgrade

  • I updated to Bias AMP 2 on iPad and the amps that had great sounding distortion before now have a really fizzy sound. FX chains and rigs I had customized in Bias FX also have bad sounding distortion with bias amp 2. Any ideas?

  • Having an integration issue between bias fx and amp 2 resulting in no sound. Can't figure out how to fix.

  • Look at the microphones, maybe. I haven't looked much, I find it better to use new amps, but I looked at one or two old ones. Those needed microphone adjustments real bad.

  • @simon said in Gainy amps sound bad after upgrade:

    Having an integration issue between bias fx and amp 2 resulting in no sound. Can't figure out how to fix.

    Me also. On iPad, when loading my own presets in Bias FX using modified Bias Amp amps there is no sound! Bias FX input meters show input but nothing on the output meters.

    Positive Grid, I hope you have not made changes that mess up my presets, soundwise or otherwise!! I have spent so much time making them the way I want them.

    Edit: After loading a preset in Bias FX there is no sound. If I then select the amp and launch Bias Amp via the tube icon, I get the same error message in Bias Amp across all presets.

    “Signal Path Error. Signal path got error! Error code: 0. Error: There is no Reverb block in the signal path. Please check your preset to correct the issue.”

    I have not unlocked the Bias Amp V2 features.

    Hope this helps.

  • Having the same exact issues after upgrading to Bias Amp 2 (even bought the features pack that was discounted for Bias Amp owners). In a nutshell:

    • No sound on Bias FX side. If there is sound, it is really fuzzy and gainy. If I enter Bias Amp 2 from Bias FX side, most of the time the cabinet is disabled in the Bias Amp chain. It also throws “Signal Path Error. Signal path got error! Error code: 0. Error: There is no Reverb block in the signal path. Please check your preset to correct the issue.”

    • The only way I can get any output sound is factory resetting from Bias Amp 2 side for each preset individually. You can do this under Settings --> App information. This changes your amp to some default clean amp, and you lose any Bias Amp side customization for that preset. You need to manually change the defaulted amp back to whatever it is supposed to be in your preset and adjust the amp settings to your desire. Do this and return to Bias FX - you should get output sound now.

    Obviously, this needs to be fixed ASAP. Not only did this render my Bias FX unusable, but I paid for Bias Amp 2 and feel ripped off.

    While my way is no fix to the real problem, I hope at least you are able to play and practice until Positive Grid sees it fit to fix this.

  • @jaakko-laamanen I have the same issue. Same error code since buying bias amp 2. I noticed that only when the cab is of in global settings i have sound again but it sounds horrible since there is no cab , i gig with my ipad and a apogee jam and there was no sound. Only my acoustic presets and a new amp i imported from amp 2 works. Need to solve this fast

  • @derrick-lopez Try the factory reset in Bias Amp 2, but make sure you access it from your Bias FX preset. This will change your amp to a default, but you can change it back to whatever you want and then return to Bias FX. Remember that you have to do this for each preset you intend to use..

  • I also have a same problem after update bias fx.
    When i play guitar, inptut works well, but
    output has no sound !!
    all the preset is same
    please fix this as soon as possible

  • A2

    same here..I hope they'll fix this as fast as possible..

    bias fx may need an update in order to integrate bias amp 2 better..

  • Same issues here. Upgrade to BIAS Amp2 rendered nearly all of my presets in FX unusable. As my main practice tool, I was really excited for this upgrade. Now, sadly, all that excitement has turned to regret. Wish I had waited to upgrade. I expected some bugs with upgrade to BIAS Amp 2 and compatibility w/FX. But this has been a major disappointment.

    Hope these issues are addressed in a way that does not require me to manually adjust every single rig I’ve created in FX. I don’t have the time, energy or patience to go back and recreate everything I have already spent countless hours getting to my liking. If that’s the case, I’ll simply ask for a refund and find another amp modeling option.

  • @casmedwards I hear you man, it is not feasible to manually reconfigure every preset. I wrote to Positive Grid support earlier today - I will keep this thread posted. They may even comment on this thread themselves, I left them a link to the thread.

    Let's hope for a quick fix.

  • WTF is PG doing before they release their product?
    Do they even have quality control?

  • Any of you folks enter support tickets? I haven’t tried it yet but will probabkly wait based on issues here.

    Paging @Felix and @Joe-Kuo

  • @elric Yeah I did. They are aware of the issue and are working on a hotfix ASAP. Apparently the issue is only prevalent with certain amps. They wrote:
    ".We've ackowledged this critical issue, just like what you described here: with BIAS FX iPad, there's no output if you use BIAS FX presets with these BIAS FX's amps: '59 Tweed Lux , '66 AC Boost, '69 Duo Verb, '69 Plexiglas.

    Therefore, the workaround is to temporarily replace these amps with any of the others. If you use other amps but still have this issue, please switch to any of the other amps and back to work it aorund.

    We're working on a hotfix to address this issue and will release it in the shortest possible time. We at Positive Grid apologize for the inconvinience it has caused and appreciate your patience and understanding."

  • I also update to Bias Amp2 and updated my Bias FX as well and i am getting the same problems as you guys. None of my presets in Bias FX make any sound anymore through Direct Out, and not even the factory presets of the app work properly anymore either.

    If you are also using Direct Out as your output the only way to get any sound out of any preset is to disable the cab in the Output Global Settings. But then of course all presets sounds horrible and no longer as intended because it won't use any cab simulation anymore.

    Seems like the Direct out cab output got badly messed up after this latest update and Bias FX is no longer reading the cab data for each preset properly, probably due to some incompatibility issues with the new Cab options (dual mic) in Bias Amp 2.

    I was messing with trying to open my custom amp from Bias FX to Bias Amp 2 and got the same error message as mentioned by others. By now i no longer can even use the cabs in Bias Amp2 either. They are greyed out now for all my custom amps and i no longer can slide the cab icon down into the path anymore to activate it. Now even all my custom amps in Bias Amp 2 sound like garbage and i might be forced to do a factory reset probably and risk losing it all... What a mess.

    wish i never upgraded and spend the money on the new features. Ugh.

  • @jaakko-laamanen I think the critical issue is much larger than the amps that they mention. I use all the crunch/high gain/insane amps and have the problems with literally every amp. I think it is safe to say that the problems lies with all amps. But i am glad to read that they are looking into the problem.

    Hoping for the best...but I am afraid we will be going a couple rounds of updates before everything is fixed for everyone again. Fingers crossed.

  • I did a factory reset in Bias Amp 2. Of course i wiped all my custom amps in the process as expected but i still have them all in Bias FX. So i transferred one of my amps from BFX into BA2 and got the error message about the missing reverb... Anyway. i was now able to tweak the cab again for my custom amp.

    But i noticed that the Reverb in BA2 can no longer be activated after getting the earlier error message. So i guess another bug that adds to the other issues.

    I saved my edited custom preset with the new cab data under a different name than my original amp to make sure i won't overwrite my old one when i transfer it back to Bias FX. That worked successfully and i got proper sound from Bias FX again through Direct Out with the cab enabled. This method might work to get a few of your favorite presets back to work again if you really depend on it in the mean time, but this it is ridiculous to do this for all your presets.

    I feel like i am beta testing after just spending a bunch of cash on this update... Not a happy camper at all. But glad i got some sound out of Bias FX again.

  • The thing is we cannot use any amp from BIAS amp 1
    I'm restoring my backed up BIAS FX and BIAS amp 1

    They haven't even fix the importing problem in BIAS amp 1 and they came out with this buggy new version.

  • @moponi, I'm having the same issue with no output from presets, but if I tap on Bias Amp, then go back to Bias FX, I don't get an error message. But I have to do it for each and every preset, which is a major pain and a major flaw.

    Fix this, please, Positive Grid.

    EDIT: I have to go back to Bias Amp and return to Bias FX every single time I pull up a preset. This really needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • I am having the same issue. No output signal, no sound. I am trying to contact support but the form asks for an order number and I can’t submit a ticket without it. I have had FX on iPad for a few years. Anyone know what is meant by order number?