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IMPORTANT NOTICE for BIAS Head and Rack owners about iPad compatibility

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    We have an important announcement for all BIAS Head and Rack owners who use an iPad to control their hardware, so please read this announcement carefully.

    The new BIAS MINI Guitar and Bass amps are now arriving in stores, and in order to allow new customers to enjoy the same software benefits existing customers of BIAS Head and Rack do, we need to release a MINI-compatible version of BIAS AMP 2 for the iPad.

    HOWEVER, this first version of BIAS AMP 2 for iPad is NOT yet compatible with BIAS Head and Rack. If you update your iPad to the newest version, it will no longer be able to connect to a BIAS Head or Rack and control it.

    So if you need to be able to control a BIAS Head or Rack with your iPad, please do not upgrade to BIAS AMP 2 for iPad yet.

    We are working hard on a version of BIAS AMP 2 for iPad/BIAS Amp 2 Desktop that supports BIAS Head and Rack, which is scheduled to be released mid-May, so please wait to upgrade until the next version is available if you own BIAS Head or Rack.

  • @Mike hi , I write on behalf of a friend of mine, Italian pro guitarist. He is Stefano Brandoni, he currently uses Bias Rack on tour with Francesco Renga, Nek and Max Pezzali .... three famous Italian artists. He does not attend the forum and has not read this news, so he has upgraded to bias amp 2. Now he's in trouble .. he's in the middle of the tour and runs everything through Ipad. Can something be done?

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    @giuseppe-di-blasi Hi I'll PM you, thank you

  • Is the Bias Amp 2 software usable on PC connected to rack unit ?

    Just a ittle confused...

    Can we use the Bias Amp 2 and connect via USB to computer with no issues ?

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  • @felix I had the latest Bias Amp 2, but installed previous version, and it updated the Rack unit no issues. I then installed Bias Amp 2 latest version on desktop and went to update the rack unit, and told me if I updated there would be no more connection to the rack unit.

    Do I ignore the warning ? Do want to get stuck...

    Just want to make sure it is working for the desktops.
    Is it working for Ipad as well ?

  • I upgraded the Rack unit and seemed to have worked fine and is now registered. No issues with PC connected to rack unit, even though it cautioned it would lose connection if I updated the firmware, but all works good so far.