My griping ceased

  • I have finally found good use for BiasFX besides the norm. Using FX in parallel in version 1 has made the way I work better. Sometimes shutting off amps and just using FX with other competitor amps as well.

    Now for two suggestions:

    1. add the ability like Axiom did to load 3rd party vst in FX chains
    2. ability to completely remove amps in BiasFX when doing Dual.

    I mix and match between programs constantly to better utilize my plugins.i dont want to have to buy Axiom but prefer this could be done in version 2 and upgrade.

    Ps. Still at times when flipping between different pedals it has memory leak like Torpedo WOS does with cabs.

    Make me and others even happier please

  • A2

    3rd party VST hosting would be nice, sometimes I need to run two instances of Bias FX in order to get my path correct. It would especially be awesome for the standalone version!