BIAS FX suggestion

  • I just purchased and installed FX and AMP. First of all... amazing! Loving the flexibility and nuances you can get with tones.

    When in FX trying out different presets or components, it can get a bit tedious and repetitive clicking through the same menus. In AMP, I really like the ability to click the presets and easily click around until I find a sound I like before proceeding. It would be great to see this UI/feature change in FX for presets as well as selecting pedals or other components.

  • @gah5118 I know what you mean - you'd like to be able to "scroll" through all of the amps in real time so you can pick what jumps out at you before you forget what the last amp sounded like. Close? That would be nice..
    I'd say that it's just not possible right now. It takes too long for those large files to load and use like that. Though! I'd say less than 3 yrs and you'll totally be able to do that(!)
    Good luck!

  • Even if it wasn't instant and took as long as it does right now (which isn't too much time), having the interface change to match amp more closely would increase familiarity between the programs as well as reducing time clicking through menus.