Question about BIAS Desktop configuration for live situation.

  • I'm using Bias AMP2 / FX with a midi controller (Line6 HD500X) connected to a Yamaha DBR12 active speaker using the RCA connection. Everything works well.

    I would like to use a reamping technique to use the same configuration with my amp / cabinet during rehearsals and live shows.

    Is the following configuration correct ?



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    I dont quite get what you want to do, what is the purpose of that guitar amp?
    Do you want the sounds you get from Bias to go there? Or do you actually intend to use the preamp and tone shaping capabilities of the guitar amp?

    If you just want to send the Bias sounds to the amp, forget the reamp and go in thru a power amp input or fx return.

    I guess if I understood more about what you are up to I could hopefully offer more suggestions. Interfacing and routing are kind of my specialty

  • @pipelineaudio thank you for the reply.

    My wish is to play live and get sound trought the amp / cabinet as I did with the HD500X using the 4CM.

    I suppose I have to disable those options in BIAS FX Desktop ?


    Why ?

    • I don't want to buy other hardware for now.
    • Peavey Amp and Cabinet stay at the rehearsal room and Yamaha at home.
    • Power amp of the Peavey is enough for my need. I used it with HD500X in 4CM from years.
    • I love my cabinet and prefer sound in comparison to my Yamaha DBR12
    • I hesitate to evolve to newer hardware (PG Mini Head or ... )

    For now I prefer experiment using my devices to get better view of limitations and choose my next system consciously

    The reamp box is not necessary ...
    S..t I bought it yesterday !!! I'll keep it for "classic" reamping if needed.

    Can you explain to me why (I'm not usual with those kind of routing)

    I saw (but not yet read) that you made a lot of work using Reaper (I have a licence too). Do you think it's a better solution in my case ?

    Is it clearer ?

    Thank you.

  • @kriss07 That 'reamping' box looks worthless. Why are you not going interface line out -> FX return? Other than that, disable cabsims in the global menu and you are good to go.

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    For live, I generally worry about two paths

    1. The monitor path - What am I going to listen to?
    2. The F.O.H. path - what is the audience going to hear?

    For smaller shows, these could be the same path, but generally, the FOH path is going to be full range PA speakers, which definitely require cabinet emulation to be on.

    Depending on what your monitor path is, you may or may not need your cabinet simulation for that. If its a 12" guitar speaker by itself, you probably want the cab sim off.

    One way to do both that I have done (while knowing that Positive Grid is aware of this issue and may someday have an internal solution) is to make one version of the head with the speaker on and one bypassed, and then run them both in a dual configuration, then pan them to opposite sides in BiasFX mixer. That way my two interface outputs will have one out with a speaker sim for the soundguy, and one for a standard guitar amp.

    Nowdays I just use a cheap FRFR speaker, which I love -

    Regarding reamps and those sorts of things, you need ("need" is a strong word, it depends) a reamp if you are sending a line level, low impedance output (like from an interface or a professional tape recorder) in order to present a guitar amplifier's input the same sort of signal as it is used to seeing.

    Most guitar amplifiers will have some way of bypassing all of the preamp section anyway, so unless you want to use the distortion and whatever of a guitar amp (and that would make bias kind of irrelevant), you would just be plugging your interface into. The line input/ power amp input or FX return should be all you need for that.

    All that said, now that you own a reamp, it is now your solemn duty to go around making impulses and matches out of every amp you find and sharing them with the forum :)

  • @elric I will do like this. Thanks.

  • @pipelineaudio Thank you for all explanations and recommandations. That really helped me :thumbsup:

  • @kriss07hey man, I'm roughly looking at what you're doing, and i think I understand enough.
    You wouldn't want to disable the preamp. You'd never want to send a speaker emulated signal to a guitar cabinet/speaker.
    But yes, you'd want to disable the cabinet and both the IR Loader: If you're playing out, loud, and you (accidentally) hit a preset with an IR instead of a conventional cab? That could potentially have a disastrous, speaker/ear damaging effect. I've often wondered how using a strict voiced cab would "color" all of the other tones.
    Almost like you'd want to use PA enclosures(?) lol, Idk, I just know it screams through ref monitors. The farthest thing from a 12" Celestion® (I'd go into the FX loop to exploit the power section of yur 6505. Unless you're going for some kinda apocalyptic meltdown - and there's nothing wrong with that!
    Look up the 'GUYTRON GT100'. (!)))

  • Thank you @mark-meyers.
    I will use the return FX input. No cab, no preamp from Bias with specific presets for live situation.

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    @kriss07 said in Question about BIAS Desktop configuration for live situation.:

    Thank you @mark-meyers.
    I will use the return FX input. No cab, no preamp from Bias with specific presets for live situation.

    if you go for the fx input, you should leave the preamp section ON and the power amp, cab section OFF