Making a Bias Amp 2 preset for Bias Amp 1?

  • So while I wait for the Bias Amp 2 to be updated for the head, I'm stuck with Bias Amp 1 on the amp but I use Bias Amp 2 on my computer. There's one particular preset that I LOVE. It's called "Mezsh's Kraken (EL34) (2018)" where someone amp matched a Victory Kraken.
    Is there any way of making it work with Bias Amp 1? I know there's differences between the app versions but can someone take an amp matched preset and get at least some of the information into a Bias Amp 1 preset? I'd love to have this amp in my hardware amp.


  • I've also got the head and wanted to get a Biad Amp 2 onto it. I had to open a copy of 1 & 2 at the same time and just copy the settings over. If it's been amp matched, I doubt there's anything that can be done apart from waiting for that update

  • @matt-val Yeah I could easily copy the settings and get a similar sound but it has amp matching which makes the tone great.

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