JamUP with iRig HD2 ?

  • I just looked at the product page of JamUP and the iRig HD2 was not mentioned in the list of supported devices. So before I make the plunge for JamUP Pro, I wanted to make sure that the iRig is actually properly supported. What would interest me the most, is the question if audio from apps and the tone from the guitar through JamUP can be played at the same time so that I could for example use something like Youtube or Guitar Pro together with JamUP. The devices used would be an iPAd Pro and an iPhone 8.

    Thanks for the help :)

  • I use an iRig HD2 with Bias FX and JamUp and it works fine.You can use Audiobus to mix JamUp tone with other apps. If you wanted to use music from Youtube you would probably need to extract the music to a suitable app.

  • Thanks, I got it to work with Youtube. I think I made a mistake on my side. At moment I can follow a YT video and use JamUP

    Correction: It only looked like it worked. But when using JamUP or Bias Amp or FX it will not output sound to the headphone jack of the iRig. And when I put the headphones into the jacks of the iPad Pro it will activate the iPad mic use that as in input source instead of the iRig.

    Audiobus probably would be a solution, but it would be strange to have to rely on another app just to get a PG app running.

    What also does not seem to work is to use apps like Songsterr or Guitar Pro with the iRig HD2 while using amp sims like JamUP or Amplitube. Seems like those tab apps do not route their audio to the headphone jack on the iRig, which is rather unfortunate :( . Or I am missing something important in terms of setting it up properly :)