Back up your patches and licenses

  • accessing these locations.

    patches: C:\Users[username]\Documents

    license: C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming (grab both folder - I put them in a subfolder 'in Roaming')

    • BIAS AMP is named BIAS
    • BIASFX are named BIAS FX and BIAS_FX
    • BIASAMP2 is within the PositiveGrid folder.
    • BIASPEDAL I don't know.

    Exit/before loading the program(s) in question, select/copy/paste folders to backup location.

    I tested this thoroughly yesterday, after a recent drive corruption and loss of system data that included System Restore Points. Fortunately I had a BIAS AMP file set archived that had my latest top patch.

  • i believe BIAS may store certain data relevant to licensing in the Documents folder. Or at the very least, if you have two computers that sync the Documents folder via a cloud sync system (like OneDrive that comes with Windows), it will cause you to have to re-activate BIAS every time you switch PCs. It's very annoying.

  • PG has record of all licenses and auto-authenticates on tone cloud login of respective product.

  • The data is also stored on your PC[s] though. If you don't go through the deactivation process, you may find yourself unable to reactivate in the future, even on the same PC[s[, should you do something like reinstalling Windows. Actually, I'm pretty sure that the licenses for at least one of my BIAS apps got completely fucked because of my license data synchronizing between PCs and suddenly the app thought it was deactivated and reactivating failed. I was happy at least that BA2 reactivates just fine when sync'd in this fashion; it seems like they changed their system a little for BA2 and made it a bit more resilient.