BIAS AMP 2 upgrade

  • OK, I bought the BIAS AMP pro(the old one) on January 10th, the BIAS AMP 2 was released like February 2nd (I found an e-mail about the version 2 on that day), and I get to know about this just now!

    Do I have to pay for the new AMP 2 again? or can I get the free upgrade?

  • I can't imagine that this hasn't been sorted in someway or another.

    I hope that PositiveGrid has given you a FREE update link by now, if they've not I would say you should demand a complete refund for software superseded less than 30after purchase. !!! hopefully you purchased through someone like paypal who can fight for you if needed.

    That being said I've purchased pro software before now and is still being updated for free 6 years later.

    Fingers x'd

  • have you submitted a support ticket? they should hook you up.