Realtek ASIO drivers

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    check out the numbers in my chart.

    Strange to think, that no matter how much money you spend on an interface, it will be slower at a given buffer size than the one that comes for free on your computer

    This is just the numbers, this doesnt mean that the thing isn't noisy as hell, or even if its stable in any way shape or form, but damn those numbers! I wonder if we don't have to ask MUCH more from our interface manufacturers!

  • was looking at this chart the other day. wonder how the current 18i20 stacks up against the other focusrite models.

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    I'll add it if focusrite sends one or someone trusted runs the numbers. I'm going to grab a bunch of 2 channel interfaces for the live pedalboard project and test them, but I'm almost positive the focusrite 2nd gen drivers are pretty much the same across the board

  • do you have a document outlining your process for performing these tests? I have a pair of gen2 18i20s and am kinda curious to give it a try myself.

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    Pretty much just run that....plug an output into an input and then hopefully test at 64, 128, 256 and 512

  • results were very similar to the 18i8.

    I suppose if it weren't for the lack of I/Os and possibility for added noise and whatnot, it seriously might not have been a terrible idea for me to just use the built-in audio device for our live gigs...

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    Thank you very much! Adding it to the chart.

    Lots of these USB drivers really get crazy at 256, which is sad, since 256 is what many harmonizers will require (most of the ones I have tested have a sample count minimum around 150 samples). The Zoom and older Maudio's have between 5 and 7 msec less RTL at 256 than most of the other USB interfaces....not sure what's going on there

    I'm going to do some WASAPI tests with the onboard realtek things and see what happens. Its not 100% a solution even if it works, as the cost and size of a DI to use with it make the convenience and savings factors kind of moot

  • @pipelineaudio just a quick note: this is a 2nd-gen 18i20; I don't know if the values are different for the gen1 model but just in case, it might be a good idea to mark it as such to avoid confusion.