Simple question

  • Been too shy to ask such a basic question. Can someone explain the difference between stereo input and mix left and right input Also what is stereo mode? I just keep it on stereo mode on and stereo input, but is that redundant? I never turn on ultra low latency. Is that what you do too? iPad 0_1523368505066_4A31568C-79DC-42FA-A7ED-A956184BF8CC.jpeg

  • Stereo mode is for your output I believe. I have mine set to that.

    for Input Channel:

    Stereo input means separate left and right inputs (Don't need this if you are only running one guitar signal into BIAS)

    Choosing left or right channel will use that input only and send the full signal to BIAS.

    Mix Left/Right takes both inputs and blends them together if that makes sense.

    I have mine on Left channel since that's where my guitar plugs in.

    I also run ultra low latency, but some older ipads can struggle with that. Especially if you run a lot of effects and dual amps. Feel free to try it of course.

  • @jason-ringer thank you!