Not able to dial in a decent sound...

  • Hello,

    I just recieved my Bias Head and a Ritter-Amps frfr- cabinet. I wanted it gigs, so would not have to carry so much weight ans so on. I'm using the cab-simulation (red light).
    I never used modelling gear before, and so I didn't know what to expect, but the quality of the tone I get out of that amp, especially using high gain sounds, are very disappointing for me.
    In my ears I sounds like there was a curtain in front of the cab, and nothing I'm dialing in and out seems to change that. Using sound from the tonecloud it's the same.
    I tested it with my marshall standard cabinet( turning of the cab-simulation of course), and it got even worse. The cheapest amp I ever head sounded better.

    Are there any hints for me? The concept of the Positive Grid stuff got me, but I think I'm doing something wrong becuse so many people seem to get good tones from the head...



  • have you downloaded any of the tonecloud amp match presets?

    I didn't like a lot of the amp models until I tried some amp match ones, and once I'd dialled in my own settings. I'm using my head in to an orange cab (v30 loaded) and it sounds great to my ear, but with frfr you might want to get some better IR's

  • modeled cabs always lack the live feel. irs are certainly the way to get that dynamic response.
    ive used stuff from sigma3 and ownhammer. clearly ownhammer sets the bench.
    Most of the real dynamics your looking for come from the guitar amp itself. dont force them with pedals. pedals should be color.
    spend time in the amps transformer section and you can really set the dynamic response of the amp model. A big part of the dynamics come from the amps "crack". if you get your power supply correct you can watch the voltage meter go from full power with no signal, to half or less the full output. this builds in dynamic sag to the tubes and lets you control in your perfomance the dynamics by your playing.
    after that its about balancing tone of your guitar to your output device.(ie. tone controls, drive, gain, etc.) and adding a dash of effects.
    Take your time we all want to jump in and play music. sometimes nothing is more frustrating than spending hours and not getting anywhere.

  • Agree with the above, I find the PG cabs to be a little bit dark/muffled. Hopefully they will get the Bias Amp 2 engine ported for you soon and then you can use the Celestions and the mic placement stuff, along with the Dynamic tone adjustment.

    In the interim, I would get some good IRs and experiment with those using your FRFR cab. There's also the Amp match feature and tonecloud to explore. When I started Amp matching my own stuff I finally started to gel with Bias.