Looking for recommendations for interface from guitar to Ipad.

  • A2

    How is that one? They have a lot of cool pics and vids out but its been hard to get actual info and last I checked their weblinks werent going anywhere I could buy the stuff.

    But it looked great!

  • I use an Alexis io Dock II for practice and rehearsal. I like it several reasons.

    1. It completely encloses and protects the iPad.
    2. It has ACTUAL 5 pin midi ports, not little 1/8” to midi cables. Plus a USB midi connection. Easy to plug in a basic midi controller
    3. It has both 1/4” and XLR inputs and TRS outputs.
    4. It’s quiet, has acceptable latency, and doesn’t cost a ton of money.

    And though it was designed for earlier iPad versions, my new 9.7 iPad fits perfectly with a slight modification... I simply slide a #2 pencil above and below the iPad, and it works flawlessly!

    I see Behringer also makes an almost identical unit.

  • @pipelineaudio I like it a lot. Its not perfect... wish it was more programmable but overall it is quite versatile for an iPad interface and I love the buttons and construction. Very solid.

    Thomann carries them rebranded as 'Harley Benton'

    And I got mine on Amazon branded as the original 'MeloAudio' brand.

  • @elric How’s it going with your TS Mega? I haven’t decide if I should buy a separate audio interface (thinking that audio quality might be better) with the Commander or the Mega... What’s your thoughts on this?