Bias Pedal

  • Main issue is in Distortion Pedals-Open Reaper, insert VST Bias Pedal, choose a pedal and preview play. Some pedals are not showing as cloud based or not, some are not working properly and wish to remove (which there is a removal tool in there). Why isnt someone even governing items placed in cloud and send notes to users the pedals dont work correctly on the controls. Huge waste of cloud time. Also when clicking on different new pedal, pedal remains same listed at top and doesnt switch. Its like a memory leak in program.

    Also to wit, I work with other plugins mix and match, the sound buffers still on most of the pedals do not work without buffer pops and clicks with other plugins. New Audiority plugins dont pop, free Krush plugin doesnt pop.

    (note) at lest Bias Amp last of version 1 saving with cab and amp works properly now with other plugins.

    I dont think you can have a cloud service of matching components and not govern this. Turning tone controls on some amps created by users either do nothing, turn up and down volume instead of control etc etc. This happens on pedals as well. Now I realize that at least we can use the standalone groups to remove them but that has to work properly to be able to do that.