How do you use it live?

  • I usually go with Kemper live. But I also wanna have a more "compact" rig where both me and the other guitarist can share a laptop + interface with Bias Amp.

    But we would also have to be able to switch between rhythm, solo and clean "patches" so to speak.

    I have done before an "automated" live setlist in Cubase but it's not 100% we wanna go the clicktrack / automated presets rout (even tho I do that in another band with automated Kempers using Cymatic Live Player 16).

    So, can we use for example Midi Moose? I have one for my Kemper as backup in case the automation craps out.

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    The MIDI Moose is perfect for this as it can be battery powered and is easy to make wireless. There are a few of us working hard to make really, really versatile switching systems with laptops and tablets. I'm currently just about done with an easily shareable setup running windows 10 and reaper as the host. You are free to grab some of the things we have made and maybe help come up with some better solutions.

    There's a bit of stuff at my web page about different things I have tried.

    And lots of videos on my instagram of tests in realtime

    A lot of the discussion about custom scripts and plugins to really make the most of this is going on at the REAPER JS forum

    and more at

  • I play through a wireless into a pedalboard then into my head. I use Positive Grid's 4ch pedal switch to cycle through my presets. I don't have a need for extensive preset changing, so I don't use a MIDI pedal, but others do and have reported success. I haven't tried performing live using a laptop as my rig, so I can't really speak to that, but the Head works well and only weighs about 15 lbs. If you go with Bias Head Mini, you are cutting that down even smaller, but you end up with less onboard presets and 300 solid-state watts rather than the 600 that come with the full-sized head.

  • I use a Line6 G10 wireless unit into my pedalboard (which has a BIAS Distortion pedal among other things), into my BIAS Head, with a Morley volume pedal in the FX loop for boost/mute, and out from the amp to the mixer or my Scarlett. I built a MIDI foot-controller myself using the chassis of a Rig Kontrol 2 along with an Arduino, MIDI shield, and my own custom programming. I'm currently in the process of rebuilding it using my Behringer FCB1010 chassis (for the extra switches/pedal) with some heavy modification. I have it programmed so that pressing the switches can send multiple MIDI signals at once, allowing me to configure presets on both the Head and Distortion pedal simultaneously as needed. In theory, all of this should work equally well for the software in VST form, if all the channel data is set correctly.