Too much noise/disortion when touch strings in Bias FX

  • Hello,

    I have win 10 64bit, Scarlet Solo 2i2 2gen and AKG K550 MK II headphones. My problem is that basically every preset from sound cloud is to sensitive. I've tried the most pupular Metallica presets (for Master of Puppets for example) and some Black Sabbath and even if I touch the string with the tip of my finger, I can hear the noise and big disortion like I've just hit it with hammer or something.

    This is not a problem with my guitar and interface (tested on other computer) and I had no problem using my guitar/interface with Amplitube but I can't get nice sound in Bias FX.

    I was playing with guitar gain/volume and input/output in Bias FX but I'm not sure how to combine all of this and not have really strong crackling noise/disortion.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • @filip-drzewiecki Most of those noisy user presets are waaaaay over the top with gain, and a lot of times very heavily compressed. I stay far away from 90% of the user presets in the cloud. It's almost as if these presets were designed by users who's interface input was on its lowest setting..? Or they just think maxed gain is what it takes to be Metal lol. I'm quite the opposite

  • Input level? Amplitube's level is low by default. Almost all plugins are a pain with levels.

    Also a lot of tonecloud presets are all over the place in terms of output level many severely clip on my system. Also a lot of users severely overdrive already high gain amplifiers with the gain cranked.

    Also, don't forget to use the gate. Gain is going to amplify any noise in your system and the noise is coming from your guitar/cable/input 99% of the time. The gain and volume are just amplifying and distorting what is there already.

    Also, it could still be a grounding or shielding issue in your guitar even if Amplitube is not giving you an issue. As noted the Amplitube input needs to be cranked up on my system and the Bias input needs to be winded down.

  • @filip-drzewiecki As for the noise, as long as your interface input isn't clipping in the red when you hit your guitar strings hard, and bias isn't clipping in the red on the input and output meters, then it's the presets that are overly saturated in gain, compression, or both. I prefer to make my own presets in Bias FX.

    If you hear crackling and popping in your sound, even on clean presets, you may need to increase your buffer size for your interface in your Daw's settings, or in the audio settings in Bias FX standalone