Laptop for live

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    I’m trying to substitute a windows device in place of the iPad in this type of setup

    The windows tablets I have found are very expensive for what you get, have few USB ports and generally run 2 core instead of 4 core i7’S. I see laptops that are cheap and powerful, but I have been searching and unable to find ways to hold them as conveniently as the tablets. Any ideas?

  • Never used on but there are lots of things like this:

    A lot of Keyboard players use laptops live and a lot of folks use them for other purposes; so it seems like there should be something out there. Let us know what you find. I am looking at what the options are for computer based rigs, too.

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    Thanks, looking at that gives me some ideas.
    I was going to go with a tablet since it would be the most convenient, but as we get further into this project, it looks like most everyone involved has a laptop, so I really should be figuring this for a laptop. A tablet would fit right onto the same stand I am using for my ipad, which would make life easy, but man you can get a powerful laptop for a lot cheaper. A 13" laptop would still fit my tablet holder, but I'm not seeing many of those with quadcores. I guess getting a 15" to fit is just an engineering challenge that I should look forward to instead of dreading