Bias Amp 2 not displaying properly

  • I was super excited to hear about the release of the new Bias Amp/FX 2 software, but upon downloading Bias Amp 2, when I opened the app in Pro Tools 12, the window only displayed a partial image of the app, making it impossible to use. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

  • ![alt text](0_1522520449342_Problem.png image url)
    so it looks like this. thoughts?

  • My standalone version doesn't fit into the window as well. I'm interested if there is a fix.

  • Same Problem here :(

    I found this info on the BIAS help center:
    "It's an known issue on some Windows7 PCs, please try the workaround as described below:
    In Control Panel, click Appearance and Personalization.
    Change default scaling option to Small (100%)
    You need to log off the user and then log on the user again for the changes to take effect."

    The problem is that i can't click or find any of that. :(

    I installed the Bias Amp 2 Demo from their hompage (win7, 64bit).
    I would totally buy this software if it would work on my computer. (I use cubase8).


  • I think it's windows you need to adapt and log out of. So the Control Panel (= Settings) in Windows, not in Bias Amp.

  • positivegrid doesn't seem to get how to deal with alternate DPI settings. They really need to start testing for this.

  • They seriously cannot expect users with 4K screens to set scaling to 100%.

    They release a new software in 2018 with no support for hiDPI screens?

    Come on, is this a joke?

  • in newest Bias Pedal release the pedals you delete end up with pics of other pedals taking their place and there is no telling what you are deleting or saving . This company should hire someone to do some serious testing because evidently they are not/ Release and cash in is all that happens. Things supposedly get fixed and they just dont. To have an integrated system and yet have components they all need work together and independently

  • It's definitely the scaling, as others have mentioned.

    Setting my scaling back to default fixed the issue.

    I also can't believe they didn't test for this.

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    Hi, The fix will be included in the next Amp 2 update, We have an BIAS Amp 2 hotfix version here, Please PM me, thank you!

  • @mike Hello Mike. I am having the same issue with the windows not being sized correctly with Bias Amp 2. I see that you mentioned a Hot Fix. I would very much appreciate it I could get this fix from you. I've had my new head and software for several days now and can't use it because of this issue. please contact boobender67. Thank you.

  • @mike
    I would be interested in the fix if it has not been included in the latest updates 211?

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    @gtrman55 Are you using Win 7 ?If yes, please PM me, I'll send you the fix

  • I'm getting a bit annoyed with this scaling problem not getting fixed. There is a new version of BIAS AMP 2 (1223) and still the same UI scaling problem exists! I have waited solution for this about half a year now and I haven't been able to use AMP 2 in my DAW at all. Please, fix this! Setting scaling to 100 % is not the fix we are waiting.

    Standalone version of AMP2 is scaling fine.

    I have Win10 (64-bit) and Studio One 4 (same problem with version 3, too).

  • @mike Re: Bias Amp 2 not displaying properly. I've got the same problem with my Windows 10 PC. I'm demoing Bias Amp and love the tones but will not purchase it if the display issues are not fixed. Please could i have an update.

  • i purchased bias fx 2 after 5 minutes display standalone it shuts down windows 7 can you help me someone ??