Bias Amp 2 not loading with many amps

  • I have the impression that you are somewhere in a hurry and do not properly test Bias Amp 2. You made a good product in terms of sound quality, but no more. Have you tried running the Bias Amp 2 with more than 300 amps? It just will not start. Why are there such pictures with a resolution of 600 to 526? Are you joking? Fix it.

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    Hi, do you mind telling us more about the issue you're having on BIAS Amp 2 desktop? Please send us a support ticket on and we will provide further help. Thanks!

  • @maines I have to agree that with the addition of many tone cloud presets it seems as though Bias Amp 2 slows down.
    Not only with the initial loading of the plugin, but within the plugin itself.
    You can hear in some circumstances, the different levels of the amp emulations loading up. Almost as if you are hearing different frequencies of the tone being built up.
    Seems like there might be five levels.
    Lo / Lo-Mid / Mid / Hi-Mid / Hi

    I’m using Bias Amp 2 in Reaper on Windows 7

    As of right now I’m extremely happy with Bias Amp 2, but I’d love to see improvement in load times.

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