Usability enhancement

  • Hi guys
    I'm using Bias FX, as standalone in Win10 (32bit version...64bit doesnt work) and as plugin in Reaper (64bit VST plugins).

    I have 3 wishes regarding Mouse handling, that would make the software so much better to use:

    1. show the Value of a knob, or slider when the mouse is just over! Right now, it is not even shown on mouse down! The value is actually first shown when you drag the mouse and therefore, CHANGE the setting! ... really???
      So, right now, there is no chance to look up the current values! IMO this is more a bug than a feature request.

    2. It would be really cool if we were able to cancel the change by clicking the Right Mouse Button (RMB).
      Imagine you want to fiddle around with the knobs, while the track is playing. You already have a settings, but want to try out some other. Imagine changing the Treble settings, but it doesn't what you want. Now, while still holding LMB, press RMB and the knob jumps to the previous setting and the change-settings-action is canceled.

    3. simple right click to reset a knob to defaults. So many plugins have this!

    What do you think?

  • A2

    Totally agree. Lots of what many would consider the basics are not present here, but if I gotta pick between sound and basic usability, I’ll take sound...hopefully the UI will catch up soon