Bias AMP2 / FX with Presonus Studio One 3

  • Hello,

    I'm a new user of Bias Desktop products and I wish to know if the following "problem" come from a bad configuration.

    In StudioOne3 (Pro version), I add a mono audio track with Bias AMP2/FX loaded and when I get the UI back to select another preset, The Plugin change it on the screen but the sound still on the previous one.

    To "solve", I push on the mono/stereo switch on the track and the sound change.

    Is there any recommandation to know with this DAW ?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Probem solved with Native Low Latency monitoring disabled.

  • @kriss07 If that is just a workaround for a bug in the PG software, you should still report it to their support department so it can possibly be fixed in the next updates. Open a ticket with the link below

  • @anthony-newcomb It's a Studio One 3 bug in the Native Low Latency Monitoring function. I reported this to Presonus.

  • Strange . . . Works fine, as expected for me in Studio One 3 Pro

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